Who We Are

I was ready for a change and knew I wanted to do something more meaningful in the healthcare industry. I have been in the industry for over a decade and a half witnessing the inattention, dissatisfaction, and lack of care clients receive. I knew that I had to take a more impactful role if I wanted to give clients the care they deserve. That is when I decided to create Humanou Consulting.

Founded and operated in New York State, Humanou Consulting is the First Choice for Senior Home Care solutions, with over 17 years of experience in home health care and in the home care industry. We provide resources of information and advice on issues related to aging and health challenges. We drive success in areas of uncertainty by helping our clients turn their challenges into opportunities. We educate, guide, and advocate for families who have difficulties caring for their older relatives, disabled adults, or young individuals and do not know where to obtain help.

Relieving clients through proper services fills our hearts unlike anything else. We can help you if you or your loved one need home care service placement or if you are taking care of a friend or a family member and need help finding a qualified fiscal intermediary agency. As the First Choice for Senior Home Care Solutions, we would give you options to choose where to receive care for your family member, or for your loved ones.

We consult for individuals and for geriatric businesses. Our consultations are fortified by the training and experiences we have gained in the home care industry, Insurance, Recruiting, Marketing, and Business development over the years. Those years of experience have empowered us to continue helping families find solutions that would keep them and their loved ones safe without compromising their quality of life.

In addition to successfully helping families walk through one of the most difficult moments in their lives, we partner with organizations that need assistance solving challenging and complex situations. We take them through a step-by-step process to help them meet their goals and expectations

What We Do

We work as problem solvers and troubleshooters, turning challenges into positivity. Humanou Consulting is a resource guide for families that need help and searching for the right solutions for their relatives, aged and loved ones. We help you navigate the system to find the best services for Senior Care, Special Needs Care and Adult Care in the New York metropolitan areas.
As your personal Care Consultant, we would assess the client’s Physiological and Psychological health, medical conditions and living arrangements to identify areas of concerns. We provide professional advisory in home care solutions and service placements. We guide you through the complexed web of health care, solving the problems with you step by step and implementing the solutions.

Our approach

The initial approach with our client is the critical phase. Relief starts with the first phone call. And in some cases, we offer home visits. We take time to listen to you and to assess your unique need whether it is for you, or your loved one.
We hold your hands as we move forward in the process and educate you on the resources you would need, while making the proper arrangements for you.
No more tedious conversations with receptionists, or long hold times on the phone waiting to be redirected to the proper department. We do all the work for you.
Rest assured, we coordinate the entire process updating you every step of the way through phone calls, text messages and e-mails.